Why Is My Garage Door Opening Slowly?

Garage doors use a system that includes pulleys, gears, springs, and tracks to open and close the doors. If the system is working correctly, the door will open smoothly and flawlessly. A slow opening garage door can be the first sign of problems that will lead to a garage door repair.

If your garage door seems to be opening slowly all of a sudden, and this is not due to a speed setting, you will need to call a professional to come to help you solve the problem. There are many reasons that it might be time to call for this sort of repair. We will discuss the possible causes of a slow garage door as you read on.

How Do I Know That My Garage Is Opening Slowly?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your residential garage door is opening and closing slowly. When parts become worn, the speed of the door can start to change without your noticing it. A garage door that is working properly should open at about seven inches per second. This speed indicates properly working parts and proper lubrication of the hinges and rollers.

It should only take 15 seconds for a properly maintained door to go up or down. The early signs of a lack of maintenance will become clear if your door is no longer able to fully close or open. This is the stage where it becomes clear that a part in the garage door system requires repair.

Why Is My Garage Door Slow?

There are some common reasons why your garage door is opening and closing slowly. You should always be sure to take a look at the parts of your garage door’s system every few months to check for obvious signs of damage or wear and tear. Being able to spot signs of an impending issue can save you from the frustration of a door that is stuck overhead or stuck closed.

These common issues are not all of the potential problems you might experience with your garage door, but they are the standard reasons that garage doors need a fix.

1.   Poor Lubrication of Hinges, Tracks, or Rollers

The tracks, hinges, and rollers of your garage door system control the behavior of the doors. If these parts become worn or dried out due to lack of maintenance, they will cause your garage door to open slowly or become stuck. Proper lubrication of the moving parts of your garage door is necessary, or you may have to purchase a new garage door system.

2.   Speed Setting is Switched to Low

Many homeowners do not realize that garage doors are set to operate at different speeds. If it is taking 20 seconds for your garage door to open, you may not have a broken track or a worn pulley that is the reason for your door’s new slow behavior. Your user manual will tell you how to adjust the speed of the operation of your door. You can also contact us for help with the door’s speed settings.

3.   Age

Sometimes adding lubricant is not enough. Parts in your garage door can become worn out and need replacement. You might need new pulleys or a new track. Your door might also need new brackets, or maybe the tension needs to be checked and corrected. For your garage doors to operate smoothly, you will need to make sure that broken or worn parts are replaced.

You can contact us to come and evaluate the moving parts of your garage door system to make sure that worn or damaged parts are replaced as needed. Ignoring the need for replacement parts can put excess stress on your garage door opener motor and burn it out.

Contact us For Help With Your Slow Garage Door

If you believe that your garage door is opening slowly or you think that there are worn parts in your garage door system that need to be replaced, calling a professional is a great idea. We can come to service your garage door and make sure that any parts which require repair or replacement are taken care of for you.

Proper maintenance of your residential garage is easy if you have access to the right professional team. Garage doors that open and close slowly can be a nuisance and can eventually become garage doors that do not function properly. Contact us today and schedule an appointment for us to come to assess and potentially fix your garage doors.