When To Fix Your Garage Door Yourself And When To Hire A Professional?

Garage doors might seem like a simple piece of machinery that you can fix yourself, but in reality, many moving parts in a garage door assembly might need the attention of a professional. Professional garage door repair services exist for a reason, and there are many instances where your garage door needs attention from a trained repair person.

If you have noticed that there is something wrong with your garage door that you think you could fix yourself, always make sure to consider if the money you will save is worth the risk of long-term damage to the garage door or injury people in and around your garage. Homeowners tend to want to save money by doing their own garage door services, only to find that they need a quality replacement system after they have tried to fix the garage door themselves.

If you want to learn more about the kinds of garage door services that you can complete yourself and which services that you should call a professional for, read on!

The Kinds of Problems That Lead to Garage Door Repairs

There are many kinds of issues that might lead homeowners to call for repair services. Some of them are complicated problems that could require a warranty or quality replacement, and other items can be managed by the owner themselves. If you are not sure when to call a professional to provide services for your garage doors, you are not alone!

There are some kinds of repairs that you can handle yourself, but many of the fixes related to garage door issues will need the attention of the right service technician with the right tools.

Noises or Creaking

This common problem is often due to a roller or spring that needs to be lubricated. Even hinges need lubricated now and again. Homeowners can take care of this themselves unless the item in question is rusty, requires replacement or the part is located where it might not be safe for someone who is not an installation expert to reach it.

These kinds of repairs are not often dangerous or complicated, and convenient fixes are possible for creaks or noises when the door is being operated. Always remember to use your warranty for replacement parts and fixing items that are not basic.

Garage Door Remote and Wall Control Problems

If you use a remote to open and close your garage doors, you could experience problems where the remote does not respond. The easy fix for this issue is to put a new battery in your remote. All other problems with this kind of garage door repair should be deferred to a professional, especially if your doors are still under warranty.

While it might seem like you can find a convenient way to repair this kind of issue, this is often not a project for someone who is trained in repairing these systems.

Movement Issues

These problems often crop up when the garage door begins to move jerkily or slowly.  Your door might also get stuck open or closed. Fixing these kinds of issues can be as simple a job as replacing a part like springs or a track, but it could also be a sign of a bigger problem that needs attention from professionals.

The house owner is always instructed in these situations to make sure that the opening speed of their garage door has not been changed. If there is no obvious damage that the homeowner can handle, then the problem should be referred to the company that installed your garage doors for a fix. These kinds of repairs often require special tools or even a replacement door.

Motion Sensor Issues

Motion sensors are an essential part of your garage door set up for safety. Without correctly operating sensors, people or animals can become caught under your garage doors. Due to the importance of this part of your garage door system, you should never wait to call someone to repair this issue.

You can typically do nothing as the owner of the house if this issue has affected your garage doors. You will need specialized tools and experience to fix this safety feature of the garage door. The company who installed your garage door can come out to fix this issue, and the cost should not be very high even if the door is out of warranty.

Fixing Your Garage Door is Often Best Left to the Professionals

Services related to the safe function of your garage door should almost always be done by professionals. People often try to save money on these kinds of repairs and then find out that they could have just called in the company that installed their doors to do the fix for them.

If you want to be certain that your garage door is safe and operating properly, you will need to worry less about money and more about the possible risk to you and your family if the door is not fixed correctly. Always be sure to call for service to your garage door whenever it needs repairs.