Top 8 Garage Door Problems

The operational life cycle of any garage door primarily involves repetitive up and down movement. Suddenly you notice that one day this fails to happen. Having years of experience at handling commercial and residential garage door issues, our seasoned team at Kostex Garages has seen some weird causes behind them.

Our observations range right from the nest of wasps growing between the photosensor to a child’s toy that got stuck inside the door tracks. No matter how strange the issues seem to be, do not hesitate to seek the help of our professionals who are at your service 24/7.

In this article, we have compiled some of the most common garage door problems based on our work experience. We will also touch upon some possible remedies to these issues. Some of them are simple enough that you do not require professional help. At the same time, others can be tricky as well. Let’s find out.

1.  Unresponsive Transmitter

We thought we would start with a straightforward one. If your door’s transmitter is unable to send a signal, the garage door will not open. Dead/exhausted batteries are the most likely reason for this problem.

How To Fix:

Check if your door’s interior transmitter is working as intended when pressed. If it stopped working, remove the back case of the transmitter using a screwdriver and take out the existing batteries. Replace them with fresh ones keeping in mind to align them correctly with the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals.

If your interior transmitter is working fine, the batteries in your car’s transmitter may need to be replaced similarly. Once the replacement is complete, test if the door now opens and closes as required.

2.  Photo Eye Misalignment

As many of you may know, a couple of tiny photo eyes are on both sides of your garage door that emits an invisible light beam. This beam detects any material presence that comes in the way of the garage door’s path. This component plays a crucial part in the safety of operation by helping avoid the door from closing on top of someone and cause injury and property damage.

If the photo eyes are damaged due to some reason or out of alignment due to dirt or other external entities/debris, this situation can cause the light beam to get blocked. Due to this, the door will stop working as intended.

How To Fix:

To avoid buildup of dirt, clean the photo-eye with a clean and soft cloth on a periodic basis. Check if they work fine after you finish the cleaning.

In case it is still not working, the next step you can take is to ensure both the eyes are aligned at the same direction and angle. Any misalignment can cause the eyes to assume that something is blocking the garage door’s path. Use a regular/laser level to bring back the alignment.

After the dirt and alignment are taken care of, check if the garage door works fine. If the door still fails to work, we recommend you seek the professional’s help.

3.  Garage Door Becomes Too Noisy

Garage doors generally turn squeaky with usage, i.e., there will be a screeching/grinding noise each time you open and close them. This situation occurs due to the lack of lubrication in the door parts like tracks or rollers.

How To Fix:

Rusty parts of your door can be fixed by applying suitable lubricants around that particular part. Most noise-causing issues can be eliminated by following a systematic maintenance regime for your garage door.

In case of irreparable damage to parts like hinges or tracks, it is advisable to replace them with new ones. If you need professional help with such part replacements, Kostex Garage technicians can help you get it done in no time.

4.  Breaking of Torsion Springs

Is there an issue with your garage door’s normal motion, although the transmitter and motor are working fine? Then your door’s torsion springs are likely to be in a damaged state.

The springs break with a massive bang as they do most of the heavy lifting during the garage door’s operation. All garage doors have a pair of torsion springs. Damage to any one of them is enough to disrupt the motion.

How To Fix:

Please do not attempt to fix the broken springs by yourself, as it is too risky. Call Kostex Garage services for the fast and effective replacement of springs. Let our team of professionals resolve the issue. Torsion springs have a limited operational life and will require periodic replacement upon wear and tear.

5.  Misalignment of Door Track

Your garage door runs on metal tracks—these need to be in complete alignment for the door to run smoothly. Take care to check that there are no gaps between the rollers and rails.

This issue is evident when you hear a rubbing noise each time the garage door reaches a certain point in its movement cycle during the opening and closing.

How To Fix:

To perform the track realignment, follow these quick steps:

  • Loosen the screws holding the track
  • Following this, tap the track with a wooden mallet to get it back in the proper position
  • Check for exact alignment using a level
  • Tighten the screws again to avoid unwanted movements of the track
  • Repeat the above steps for other misaligned tracks

There can be instances when the track is beyond repair. In such cases, call Kostex Garages right away. Our techies will get the damaged ones replaced with zero overhead prices at your convenience.

6.  Broken Tension Cables

The garage doors, while closing, go down at a slow pace and settle at rest. This steady motion is maintained due to the presence of tension cables. If they break or get worn out, the doors get closed much faster with a thumping sound.

How To Fix:

In this case, it is way too dangerous to attempt a replacement by yourself. The massive amount of force arising out of these cables is sufficient to damage your vehicle or cause fatal injuries to anyone standing underneath the door as it falls fast.

Call professional repair services at the earliest. We strongly recommend you and your loved ones stay away from the garage door until it is completely fixed/replaced.

7.  Door Limit Settings Issue

When the open and close settings of the garage door opener have not been configured correctly, there will be problems with the door’s resting position. These limit settings tell your door how far it must go before arriving at a resting pose (i.e., fully open or fully closed).

How To Fix:

Use the knobs on the garage door’s motor component to adjust the limit settings. The terminal positions and reset feature will depend on the particular door brand and model. For further details, you may look up the user’s manual.

If your door still does not open or close appropriately after multiple trials and errors, it is recommended to call up the pros.

8.  Broken Weatherstrip

The door’s weatherstripping is the protective seal that prevents debris, dirt, water, and insects into the garage. When this layer is broken, all the above-mentioned unwanted entities get in.

How To Fix:

These are the steps to repair the broken weatherstrip:

  • Disengage your garage door from its opener
  • Ensure the new weatherstrip fits appropriately to the door
  • Fold the strip and slide the same to the lower end of the door

The homeowner can usually do this repair. Nonetheless, if you feel the need for a helping hand, we at Kostex Garages have got your back. We will fix the door opener and replace the worn-out strip.

Final Words

So far, we saw some of the top garage door problems faced at both residential or commercial levels. In case you are unsure of identifying the causal link for the malfunction of your door, never take a risk in fixing it yourself.

This action can not only cause further damage to your valuable investment, but there is also the possibility of human injuries and fatalities due to the immense weight of the door and related equipment.

We also strongly advise not to park your vehicle near the garage door until it is entirely fixed/replaced. Carelessness in this aspect can result in the loss of thousands of dollars worth of your hard-earned cash.

At the end of the day, a well-maintained garage door can last for more than 50 years. Never take your valuable asset for granted. This door is not only the haven for your automobiles and workstations; it elevates your home exterior’s aesthetics to a whole new level!

For door repair solutions, new garage door installations, and inquiries, feel free to get in touch with the regional leader in the business, Kostex Garages. Irrespective of the time of the day, our dedicated team of skilled professionals looks forward to serving you in the best way possible.

What are you pondering upon? Give us a call today for the best-in-class service experience for any issues around garage doors.