Parking Gates

Parking gates are intended for use in indoor parking facilities, and parking gates could be used for private and public parking lots. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes. It is common for a key card to open and close the gate in the first instance. As a result of this, the barrier would automatically activate, and the motorist will be free to go either the barrier or the ticketing station inside for payment reasons.

Some of the needful prerequisites on an excellent parking gate are:


  • Performance

Despite only being used a few times a day, parking structure security doors are continually in use. They are expected to open and shut at least 100 times a day without any issues. If the door doesn’t work consistently, customers will lose interest.

  • Speed

It is critical to have a parking gate capable of operating on time. If you do not have a line of cars waiting to enter or exit the premises during high activity hours.There won’t be a long queue of automobiles waiting to go outside the building.

  • Security

It doesn’t matter whether you own a private or public car park; you have a duty to keep your clients and their cars safe. Unauthorized entry can only be prevented using a secure and robust gate.

Controlling who has access to what information

If a fob or key card controls your security gate, it’s critical to have a high-quality access control system in place. If the technology isn’t user-friendly or prone to malfunctioning, your customers may become frustrated and decide to park somewhere else rather than at your location.

Standard Techniques for Unlocking Parking Gates

  • Ticket Machine: When you push a button on the ticket machine, a ticket prints out and the gate opens up.
  • Access Control: Monthly Parker offers an approved credential. If it is valid for a given time, date & location, then the gate opens.
  • Successful Payment or Validation: The parking gate arm will open once payment is received or a verified parking ticket is given.
  • Call Assistance: The driver presses the intercom button. The person who receives the call may access it remotely by tapping on their phone or mobile.
  • Remote Control: Remote Controls are offered to snowplow drivers, delivery trucks, or other guests.
  • Free In And Out: There may be a “Free” In – Out lane regulated by such an in asphalt, concrete, or under gravel loops & detector which opens whenever a vehicle is there if there is a Flat-Rate Pay or security systems just on entrance
  • Emergency Vehicle Siren Open: For certain consumers, an automated gate that unlocks in relation to emergency service sirens is also a must feature. There are a variety of ways to go about this. 

Automated Parking Gates

Automatic gate systems are perhaps the most popular parking system for a commercial parking garage, owing to ease of use and collecting revenue. The following are three of the most widely used automatic gate systems currently in operation:

  • Automatic Boom Gates: When it comes to car park garage automatic gates, the boom barrier is by far the most prevalent. Tolls, checkpoints, and carparks all benefit from boom gates, which provide for fast and simple traffic monitoring, as well as traffic flow controls.


Using a restricted access system like an automated ticket entrance station with boom doors, which have a huge arm that rises well above the vehicle once admission is permitted, makes it easier to monetize.


Employees in garages that issue tickets and permit entry and exit utilize automated boom gates with booth controls on a daily basis. Flexible enough to be tailored to each garage’s unique demands.


  • Automatic cantilever gates: The slide door is a more substantial type of slide barrier that allows for more restricted access than boom gates, making it a good choice for carparks that place a high value on security and safety.


The installation of an automatic entry mechanism for a cantilever barrier is simple. Since they operate horizontal instead of vertical, they are the most straightforward gates to manage (like a boom gate). As a result, cantilever barriers are an excellent choice for car parks with restricted height.


  • Swing Gates: However, despite their lesser popularity in parking garages compared to boom or cantilever barriers, they offer a number of advantages that make them a viable alternative for business parking spots despite their lower appeal in residential areas. Because of their design, they are perfect for garages with elevations that would make alternative types of gates difficult to operate and maintain, for example. They are also simple to install and maintain.


Swing gates give the same amount of control and restriction as other kinds of gates, but they do it at a much slower rate due to the fact that they open and close at a much slower rate. In contrast to sliding gates, such as the cantilever, that have more support systems and lever systems to cope with, swing gates are relatively simple to maintain since its opening mechanism is frequently less hard to repair.


  • Conclusion:

Select the appropriate sort of parking gate for your house or facility, as well as your security requirements. Swing gates, for example, need more room to open and shut and stay open to potential invaders for a more extended period than vertical lift gates. Walking around parking control systems with arms is convenient for pedestrians and allows for more efficient traffic flow. A parking lot layout plan should account for the area required for the gate you want to install and the security needs of the lot.

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