How to Replace Garage Door Panel

Door panels play an important role when it comes to the appearance of your garage door. However, the panels may become unsightly for various reasons over time, including discoloration and physical damage. The good news is that garage door panels can be replaced, allowing you to give your garage door a whole new look without the need to replace the entire thing.

How to Know if Garage Door Panels Need Replacing:

When do you know that garage door panels need to be replaced? No matter how careful you are, garage door panels can sometimes get damaged and will need replacing. For example, harsh weather could cause the panels to become damaged or dented due to heavy debris or hail, or an accident can happen like a football being kicked into the door or even accidentally driving your car into it and causing a dent in the panels. When these types of things happen, replacing the panels is a much more cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire door. It’s much easier and less disruptive compared to having the entire door replaced. If your garage door panels have been damaged, replacing them is often a quick and easy job.

Why Replace Damaged Door Panels?

It’s important to replace your garage door panels as soon as possible if they have sustained damage. This is because any damage to the garage door can put a lot of pressure on the entire opening system. In some cases, badly damaged garage door panels could cause the entire door to become misaligned or even get stuck, which can in turn cause damage to other important parts of the garage door system such as the springs and tracks. So, to make sure that the door is kept working correctly for as long as possible, replacing the panels as soon as possible is important.

Replacing Garage Door Panels:

If you’ve decided to replace your garage door panels either because they are damaged or simply to give your garage a new look, this step-by-step guide will show you how to easily replace your garage door panels and get the results that you want.

  • Step One:

First of all, buy new panels for your garage door. Be sure to select panels that are the right size and fit for your door. If your garage door is an older model, you may need to purchase panels directly from the manufacturer. Otherwise, any company that sells garage doors will usually have a selection of suitable options.

  • Step Two:

Before you begin working on your garage door, make sure that it is safe. Turn off or unplug any automatic garage door opener so that it cannot be activated while you are doing work on the door. Then, remove the garage door springs to avoid the door springing open while you are working, which could lead to serious injury.

  • Step Three:

Once the door is safe and ready, it is time to remove the old door panels. With some doors, you can simply remove the affected panel, while others will require you to continue removing panels until you reach the one that needs replacing. To remove a panel, simply loosen the screws until it comes loose and then slide it off the track.

  • Step Four:

Once you’ve removed the panels, it’s time to start fitting the new ones. Do this by sliding the rollers into the track and inserting the new panel into the slot. Lower the panel down and then attach it by either screwing or bolting it on depending on your garage door fastenings.

  • Step Five:

Once you’ve installed the new replacement panels, you can then begin reinstalling any older panels that are going to stay on your garage door but need to be removed first. Install them one by one until they are all reattached to the door.

  • Step Six:

Once the panels are all back in place, you will need to set your garage door back up again so that you can use it. Start by reattaching the springs to the garage door and switch on or plug your garage door opener back in. Once you’ve done this, test the door by opening and closing it, making sure that the panels are all running smoothly as they should.

Finishing the Job:

You may notice that the new panels are not a complete match with the old ones. Even if you have selected the exact same panel, the door will have been exposed to weather and sunshine, which will cause a mismatch with the new panels. Repainting your garage door is the best option to create a uniform and even look.

Replacing old or broken panels in a garage door can be an easier job than you think. Whether you’re dealing with broken panels or simply want to refresh the door, it’s typically a DIY job that can be done with little hassle.