How to Put a Garage Door Roller Back on Track?

A garage door jumping off its tracks is not only annoying; it also means you will not be able to close or open the garage door until the issue has been resolved. This can have some serious security implications, and this is why you should put the garage door back on its tracks as soon as possible. While most people would prefer to call a professional to deal with the issue, you can repair the door yourself in a short period using tools you might have laying around. This article will show you how to do so.

The Tools You Will Need

To put a garage door back on its tracks, you will need pliers, locking pliers, and a rubber mallet.

Identify The Source of The Problem

Before you start working on the repair, disengage the garage door from the locking and opening mechanism. This will make it easier to open and close the garage door. Now, examine the garage door. You want to identify areas where the door is stuck, hangs loosely, or sits at an awkward angle. Make a note of this point or these points.

Now, open or close the door slowly. This will help you see where the rollers are jumping off the track. Do not try to force the door open or closed, as this might cause additional rollers to go off track.

Putting The Door Back on Track

Open or close the garage door until one of the detached rollers is in line with where it is jumping off the track. Use the locking pliers to stop the garage door at this point. This will ensure the door does not close or open.

Now, use the pliers to pull the outside edge of the door so the opening is wide enough to get the roller back on track. You can now get the roller back in place. Repeat this process for other rollers that are off track or other spots on the rail where you have the same issue.

Close it Up

Once you have the roller back on the track, you can close the opening you created earlier. The best way to do this without damaging the garage door is to place a small piece of wood inside the track to hold the shape so you do not overdo the correction. Use a rubber mallet to bend the track back into the original shape and use the straight piece of wood to ensure everything is straight.

Once you see the tracks are straight and everything aligns as it should, you can remove the piece of wood and the locking pliers or vice grips. Do be careful at this point because the door can come crashing down under its own weight. Hold the door and bring it down or open it slowly to avoid damage.


To ensure everything works as expected, you should test the door manually. Open and close it a few times to see if the rollers are getting stuck anywhere. If you experience any sticking, misalignment, or the rollers coming off the track again, you can repeat the process until everything aligns properly.

Finishing Up

The final step is reattaching the automatic opening mechanism. Once you do this, use the remote to open and close the door a few times to ensure the rood is working as expected.

Additional Tips


It is very important that you secure the garage door before you start working on the tracks. Garage doors are generally very heavy and there is a risk of injury if you do not secure the garage door before you start working on it.

Once the door is repaired, simple preventative measures will help prevent this from happening again. Examining the brackets that hold the tracks in place will tell you where they are damaged. Look for loose bolts and screws because the door’s vibration can cause them to become loose. If there are any loose screws and bolts, tighten them.

Also, check that the tracks remain vertical at all times to ensure this doesn’t happen again. You can use a level to verify this. If they are not straight, you can loosen the brackets holding the tracks, level the track, and then tighten the brackets.

Other preventative measures include lubricating the door with silicone spray regularly and replacing worn and wobbly rollers, as they can damage the track if they are too worn.

Getting your roller garage door back on its track is relatively easy if you have the tools and the skills to complete the repair. However, it may be necessary to call a professional if you are unsure about the process. The most important thing to remember is to detach the door from the locking mechanism, secure it while working, and do not unfasten any screws or bolts unless you have to.