How To Maximize Your Garage Space?

Your garage is a spot of significance due to the multifaceted roles it plays. From the apparent utility of sheltering your automobiles, it can also act as ample storage space. Many use their garages as engineering workshops, especially the handymen. Each household has its style of using the garage space.

Sometimes you use it to dump unwanted things when a bunch of guests arrives all of a sudden. In effect, this very space acts as your go-to location for depositing excess home inventory.

Does your garage space feel cluttered and messy? Are you finding it hard to make space for satisfying your needs in your existing setup? Or do you belong to the newbie category aspiring to design a new garage space? Irrespective of which of the above types you belong to, you have come to the right place. 

This article is all about exploring ways to expand your garage space for maximum utility. We will provide you some fun and creative ideas/hacks to effectively use this space in the long run. We have compiled these clever tips provided by our team of experts at Kostex Garage.

We do not want to keep you in the queue any further. Let’s get started then, shall we?

Some Useful Hacks For Maximizing Garage Space

In this section, we will share some tried and tested methods that can help you optimize your garage space utilization like never before!

Initial Clean Up

This step is not to be ignored. Before you plan to kickstart your new ideas, bring your motorcycle/car outside and assess the current situation of the garage.

  • Observe and identify the previously dumped items that unnecessarily take away precious space in the garage.
  • If there is equipment related to lawn work, bring them out as well.
  • Throw away any other unwanted garbage and make room for a fresh start.

Setup Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets are an intelligent way to store tools and equipment pertaining to the garage efficiently. If your garage doesn’t already have those, start with building them. Any garage will have three or more bare walls, a floor, and a ceiling. Leverage the ceilings and walls to establish the cabinets. Assess the number based on your garage space and requirements. This array of storage cabinets are crucial to keeping your garage organized.

Laying out the cabinet size and marking out the space using markers/masking tape on your walls is smart to visualize the size and construction materials you would need to purchase.

Typically, building 3-5 cabinets takes you around two days with expenses around $300-$500. These values are indicative and depend on individual designs and needs. 

Carefully assign each of them for the type of equipment you wish to store in them. For instance, one can be dedicated to tools, nuts, and screws. Others can be for oils and lubricants, and so on.

Ceiling Storage

Exten your storage room even more by using the ceiling. Before you go out to the hardware store to build the storage rack adjacent to the ceiling, measure the dimensions accurately to get a precise idea of the material you need. Purchase a little bit extra to compensate for some errors during the construction.

A ceiling rack usually requires inventory items such as L-angles, needles, screws, cut-boards, joists, and ceiling cleats. Also, the tools like screwdrivers, hammers, etc., to assemble the same. Racks on the ceiling can be the perfect way of storing seasonal items like holiday decorations, camping gear/clothes, etc., inside your garage space. This measure will also ensure the inventory placed at eye level is uncluttered and adequate. 

A three quarter inch plywood is a decent option for a ceiling rack surface. Using this layer, you can easily mount hardware and arrange the items efficiently with the space available. In our garage, we almost doubled the storage capacity thanks to the storage space at the top.

The primary point to keep in mind while constructing this structure is that the rack material must be sturdy. As a safety measure, you can consider having a safety net below the rack if your house is located in an earthquake/tornado-prone area.

Foldable Workbench

Workbench is the place where your creative ideas take shape in life. This bench can be leveraged for your “Do It Yourself” (DIY) projects involving woodwork, machinery, automobile parts, and so on. Having a fixed area to perform such activities helps you maintain the garage in a clean and organized fashion.

But the conventional workbench can take up floor room. If you are cramped for space inside the garage, we recommend a foldable version that consumes zero floor space when not in use. Such an assembly is a mechanic’s delight.

Construct the workbench in a foldable manner where you can fold the bench across one of the garage walls. Some of the items you would require in setting this up are some broad hinges, threaded pipes, an ample number of screws, and flanges. 

You have the option of choosing a single-core door of a suitable size. Alternatively, you can use a pair of three-quarter-inch plywood that is attached using adhesives. Screw the threaded pipes into the flanges, and you are good to go! 

An LED light source located adjacent to the workbench can make it handy to work at night. This collapsible type of workstation is simple to use, easy to clean and maintain.

Workbench on Wheels

The same workbench assembly described in the previous sub-section can be made on wheels. This idea will enable you with a mobile workbench to move around the garage or outside it! With this, there is no need to work stuck in a corner.

I made such a moveable assembly and took its utility one step further by using the bench to store my most-used tools whenever I didn’t use it as a workspace.

Bench Organizer Stack

A stack of plastic bins to keep different types of small-sized items with a sliding feature can make your life easy while using a workbench. Labeling each container can make it quicker to identify the bin containing your item of interest in no time.

Magnetic Boards for Small Sized Parts

If you frequently use metallic parts like nuts and bolts, setting up a magnetic board of appropriate size can come in immensely handy. If you are working on a project, pick sufficient quantities of such small parts and magnetize them to the board. You can easily access the parts on the fly as you work on your DIY project. 

The presence of these magnetic boards improves your completion times by minimizing time wasted searching for tiny parts each time a need arises.

Assign A Wire Spot

Wires and cables are essential commodities in almost any garage. Drill in a few long hooks to an assigned part of your wall, easily accessible on a need basis. Tie your wires and cables in the shape of circles and place the bundles on these hooks. 

This measure will ensure all your wires are in a single place for fast and straightforward access. We all know how time-consuming and annoying it is to untangle lengthy pieces of wires and cables when a sudden need comes up. You can also arrange the cables in a color-coded manner by placing wires of the same color in a particular hook. 

Kostex Pro Tip:

Increase the utility of your walls to the next level using pegboards for holding tools like rakes and other equipment. Decide the size of the pegboard you require based on your toolset.

Set Aside Your Power Tools

Your heavy machinery (power tools) are generally not required on a frequent basis. So you can consider placing them in an inaccessible spot. As this category of machines consumes more space, it is advisable to place them near the center part of your garage.

Fishing Rod Organizer

Is tangled fishing rods a common sight in your garage? We understand how irritating it is to untangle them each time you are in the mood for spending some quality time fishing with your close ones. Our team of garage design veterans at Kostex has the perfect solution to this common issue.

Ensure to procure a PVC pipe of around 3-inch diameter and a swimming pool noodle for this DIY hack that guarantees space efficiency.

Follow these simple steps to get your fishing rod concern sorted out:

  1. Drill evenly spaced holes in your PVC pipe.
  2. Cut uniform slits in the pool noodle around 4 inches apart using a sharp utility knife.
  3. Line the noodles in the wall such that at least two of them are placed precisely over the studs.
  4. With the slits pulled apart, insert the fender washer and screw the noodle to your garage wall.
  5. Next, screw your PVC pipe to the wall, and voila, you can now hang your fishing rods with ease!

Vertical Storage Towers

Plastic bins used for storing gardening stuff like fertilizers, sand, seeds, etc., can eat up some serious floor space. Keep this problem at bay using a fun and space-saving DIY project: vertical storage towers to stack these bins one above the other.

This tower is an intelligent alternative that makes storage bin access easy and swift. 

Kostex Pro Tip:

Leverage the side of the vertical tower to hang items such as fishing rods.

Automobile Care Cabinet

Arranging the car/motorcycle care accessories in a single cabinet can drastically reduce your turnaround time during self-servicing your vehicle. Items like lubricants, auto-fluids, and associated inventory can go on simple shelves in a wooden cabinet. Building a foldable door with hinges can ease the access mechanism greatly.

Canvas Bags for Additional Storage

Seasonal decorative items like trees, wreaths can get real dusty, lingering in the corner of your garage for several months at a stretch. Protect these bulky items from wear and tear and save some valuable garage space using canvas bags that come with zippers.

Kostex Pro Tip: 

Insert a dryer sheet just before you zip in the goods. This measure will ensure your seasonal stuff is safe from insects and critters.

Overhead Storage on the Ceiling

Our friends at Kostex are always full of ideas when it comes to garage space utilization. There is yet another way you can use the ceiling to hold the seasonal and camping items. By setting up overhead storage space on the roof, place the plastic bins on top to save floor space.

Build a garage ceiling storage in a day using these simple steps:

  1. Use two by two-inch plywood frames and screw them on the ceiling frame using 3.5-inch screws.
  2. The spacing between the wood frames is dependent on the size of the plastic bins you use to hang in between them.
  3. The lips of the bins will brush through the plywood frames as you slide them in and out during usage. For this purpose, use one by four-inch frames. Screw these on the center of the two-by-two-inch frames you used earlier, using 2-inch screws.

There you have it! A simple assembly that holds your plastic bins that take up zero space on your garage floor is now ready!

Corner Shelves

Any garage typically consists of 2-3 wall corners. Why not use them for some extra storage too? We can achieve this task by building a couple of nifty wooden cabinets across your wall corners.

Make use of the scrap plywood pieces or strand boards for constructing shelves that fit perfectly between the corner studs. Use one by one-inch cleats for supporting the shelves. 

Utility items like glues, polishes, wax, and oils are ideal for placing in such corner shelves/cabinets. These small items usually get lost among more significant stuff in the broader cabinets. So separating them in the corner shelf not only satisfies added space utilization but also makes timely access more effective.

Storage Tubes

Organize long-handled tools, sporting/camping gear easily with tubes made out of high-quality cardboard. To avoid moisture entry in these tubes, place them on top of a two-by-four-inch frame above the floor. Secure each of the tubes using sturdy garage studs and plumbing straps.

Monkey Bar Shelves

Monkey bar shelves engineered out of durable steel can be of great efficacy for hanging tools like shovels, rakes, grass-cutters, etc. Ensure to place them bars at a height that is within reach. This assembly will help you get multiple tools out of the floor space and makes their accessibility easy-peasy.

Roll Out Sliding Shelves

Make wise use of your garage’s sidewalls by building some sleek-looking slidable wooden shelves. These roll-out units can be a top-notch way to organize your garage inventory in a pro manner. Simply slide the shelves in and out for accessing different categories of items on the go!

Sporting Gear Storage

Kids would love this storage space dedicated to keeping all the sports goods in one place with minimum clutter. Ensure to keep an open design with no doors to avoid the stinky odor of sweaty equipment. Make the middle row long and add hooks. This layer can hold your sports jerseys and other apparel. 

Add a nameplate on the top of the open cupboard. Your kids will love the personalized touch!

PVC Cubby Holes On A Pegboard

Load up slender items like pencils, hacksaw blades, files, stir sticks neatly using this simple technique.

  1. Cut PVC pipes of 2-inch diameter into short lengths.
  2. Slide these PVC pipes over pegboard hooks.

That’s about it! Load the pipes with whichever slender-shaped items you may need in the garage.

Mini shelves on Pegboard

You can use the same pegboards to hold small-sized tools like screwdrivers, chisels, files using a few pegs. The steps to set this up are as follows:

  1. Cut 2.5-inch plywood mini shelves.
  2. Drill holes in them to host the tools.
  3. Drill a couple of one-eighth-inch holes at the edges of the shelves.
  4. Use a vise and plier to bend some pegs to around 80 degrees and hammer them into the pegboard holes.
  5. Ensure that the pegs are well inserted within the wooden shelves so that they do not fall off later on. 

Let’s Wrap Things Up!


With some constructive brainstorming, yo

u can develop more fun and useful space-saving concepts customized to your garage. Do you need help building these custom solutions? Kostex Garages is always at your service!

Our team of trained professionals is just a call away to transform your garage into a handyman haven with the touch of meticulous engineering! 

We hope these ideas inspired you to declutter your garage and convert it into a tidy, organized, and well-maintained workspace.