How To Keep Your Garage Door Clean?

Your garage door is an integral part of your home, subject to plenty of wear and tear frequently. For most homeowners, cleaning your garage door is not anywhere near the top of the priority list. We understand a lot is going on in your daily life.

Although you are facing a time crunch, there are multiple reasons to maintain the garage door tidy and well-kept. The average garage door can last for more than two decades provided the proper caretaking and maintenance measures are employed.

Keeping it clean is essential to elongate the life of a valuable investment. This measure ensures that deterioration and aggravation of existing damage to the door are kept bare minimum. From our experience at Kostex Garage, we have found that investing an hour in cleaning the door periodically can save thousands of dollars unwantedly spent on replacing a damaged door.

By now, you would have understood why it is critical to keep the garage door cleaning chore among the high priority list. Here we will discuss the reasons to clean, how to do it, and some pointers to c

onsider while performing the cleaning activity. Without any further ado, let’s get into the topics at hand.

Reasons To Keep Your Garage Door Clean

Depending on the climatic conditions specific to your home location, you would need to decide on the frequency of cleaning your garage door. For instance, if you are located in a harsh environment, like the humid coastal areas or snowy areas prone to blizzards, cleaning your door every two months. If this is not the case, cleaning once in six months should suffice.

Keeping the garage door clean also aids in retaining the curb appeal, keeping the aesthetic looks of your home premises intact. Beyond this benefit, there are several other reasons to clean, as we will see below:

Maintain The Garage Door Finish

The finish on your door can get degraded due to various causal factors like dirt, oil, sunlight, wind, etc., that are exposed on its surface daily. This aspect is applicable even on the highest-quality doors. 

The paint on the door can become dull and unappealing with time. In severe cases, the damage in the door finish can even lead to wear in the quality and erosion. If left uncleaned, this degradation can happen at an accelerated pace.

Wooden garage doors can crack due to seepage of moisture or attack of insects/termites. This issue necessitates refining the door frequently. Cleaning the door goes a long way in retaining its working and structural well-being.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Ignoring the dirt and other unwanted entities on your garage entrance door can seriously impact your home’s exterior beauty and suck the life out of it. Some soap and water are all that you require to maintain the door squeaky clean. 

If you’re planning to sell your home, this factor becomes even more prominent. The prospective buyers assess your home mainly on its exterior appeal. Enhance your chances of closing a good deal by maintaining the garage door tidy and sparkling in looks. 

Terms Of Warranty

If your garage door is under warranty phase, frequent cleaning is required to satisfy the terms of the warranty agreement. We had seen cases of cancellation of warranty clauses when the homeowners failed to retain the cleanliness of their garage door. 

Following a systematic door cleaning regimen ensures you are safe from such legal hassles, and at the end of the day, you have a neat-looking door.

Avoid Rusting Of Door

Exposure to moisture, salts, or dirt can cause deterioration of your garage door’s structural integrity via rusting. Apart from the inherent damage that it causes, rusting can significantly impact the visual elegance of your door.  

Frequent cleaning of your door using soap/detergents can avoid the generation of rust on its surface. From a practical standpoint, cleaning your door is simpler than scrubbing off the rust from the surface at a later point in time.

Opportunity For Damage Assessment

During the door cleaning process, you get ample opportunity to observe its parts for possible damages closely. In this way, garage door cleaning is an automatic reminder to ensure the well-being of the other parts like spring, opener, sensor, hinges, and so on.

You can identify cracks and other structural damages while performing the act. The sooner you are able to identify a potential damage situation, the faster you can resolve the same. Clearly, setting up a periodic door cleaning schedule is wise to avoid the aggravation of existing issues.

Items Required To Clean The Garage Door

Now that we have discussed the need for keeping your garage door clean, we can move ahead to the process part. There are some easily available items required to be kept handy before you go on with the cleaning. Here you go:

Cleaning Detergent

A dishwasher soap or a mild detergent is all that you require as a cleaning solution. We recommend using a solution with a 0.5 phosphate concentration. For example, Tide is a detergent that satisfies this criterion. Another suitable product is Simple Green detergent, which is biodegradable and free of toxic substances as well.

To prepare the solution, mix the one cup of the detergent in two gallons of water taken in a bucket. This water-detergent ratio is recommended for wiping away most dirt and oils stuck on the door’s surface.

Pro Tip:

Never mix bleach with the cleaning solution, as it can negatively affect the garage door’s exterior. Use it only to spot clean so as to remove stubborn stains.

Clothes/Sponges of Non-Abrasive Nature

Always choose a gentle and non-abrasive clean cloth or sponge for cleaning purposes. Rough clothes can take a severe hit on the finish of your garage door. Avoid the usage of dirty clothes with sand/oils attached to them. This selection can nullify the cleaning process.

Once you have completed the scrubbing using a sponge, use a soft and clean cloth to wipe away the excess detergent solution from the surface. We advise using the cloth/sponge that you use for cleaning your car’s surface for this purpose.

Step Ladder

To thoroughly clean the garage door from top to bottom, you require a sturdy step ladder. This item will help in cleaning the top section of your door without much stretching and straining. 

Being a responsible owner, you can’t limit your cleaning to the bottom part of the garage door. Ladders also give us the chance to inspect the farther corners for some cracks and other damages.

Once you are equipped with the inventory, we can now move ahead to the garage door cleaning process.

Points To Consider While Cleaning The Garage Door

Some of the considerations to keep in mind during the cleaning are:

  • Apply a bleach solution only if the stains are tough
  • Use a bit of excess force/elbow grease to remove stubborn dirt/oil stuck on the door.
  • Never use a rough/abrasive cloth for cleaning. It can damage the acrylic glazing of the door.
  • Do not forget to scrub the weatherstripping of your door. This measure will prolong its life from climatic impacts and give you added savings. 
  • Garage door tracks are not to be ignored. Materials like pet hair, dirt, or leaves can get deposited on its bottom and cause a jerking effect while you try to open and close the door.
  • Clean the photo-eye sensors. The visual path has to be clean to allow these sensors to close the door all the way through.
  • Never limit the cleaning to the exterior part alone. Give a proper scrubbing to the door’s interior as well. The bottom part can be especially tricky with the presence of grime and dirt involved.
  • Avoid using a power washer to clean the door. Considering the speed of cleaning, you may be tempted to use a power/pressure washer. But the fast stream of gushing water can affect the integrity of the door surface.

The same pointers apply to garage doors made out of different materials like fiberglass, aluminum, or wooden. Although, wooden doors require additional care and vigilance during the cleaning process. The presence of gashes and erosion indicates that it is time to replace the door or apply a fresh outer coating.

Waxing Your Steel Garage Door

If your garage door is made out of steel, waxing it after the cleaning process is necessary. To preserve the door’s finish, waxing the same after it is dry from the cleaning is a must.

The wax layer plays a dual role in warding off dirt and grime and slowing down the wear and tear of the door. Waxing plays a significant role, especially if you live in a coastal zone where the moisture and salt content in the air is higher, which in turn can cause accelerated erosion.

We recommend cleaning and waxing of the garage door to be performed every six months. Ensure your garage door is completely dry before the application of wax. 

As far as selecting the wax is concerned, a good quality liquid automotive/car wax is the ideal candidate in this case. Avoid the usage of paste wax to your door. Strictly adhere to the application instructions provided by the wax manufacturer. Ensure the wax coating is applied in a comprehensive manner across the length and breadth of your garage door.

Final Check After Cleaning:

Once you are done with the cleaning (and waxing), test if your garage door is opening and closing fine, check if the motion is smooth and without any hiccups.

Need Professional Help in Garage Door Cleaning?

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Concluding Words

Garage doors are one of those entities which we often take for granted. Most of us forget or ignore the cleaning aspect of it. This attitude results in fast deterioration and unwanted expenses incurred due to damage and replacement of the door. Avoid this issue with a regular cleaning regimen and ensure to do the process in the correct fashion.

The cleaning mechanism and frequency are dependent on your location and climatic conditions. Ensure to use the right tools for cleaning and do not miss out on any garage door parts. If your door is under warranty period, read all clauses thoroughly to avoid voiding of the same due to ignorance.

By chance, if you prefer the professionals to do this work for you, leading garage door servicing company Kostex Garages has got your back. Give us a call and say goodbye to your garage door cleaning woes. 

We hope this article provided some useful tips on how to keep your garage door clean along with the do’s and don’ts.