How Much Does a Garage Door Panel Cost?

Garage door panels can become broken, discolored, or worn over time. The good news is that garage door panels can easily be replaced, giving your garage a fresh new look and improving the curb appeal of your home. For many homeowners, the cost of replacing garage door panels is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding to do this job. Replacing a garage door panel can vary in price, depending on several factors including the age and model of your garage door, how many panels you need to replace, and whether you’re going to do the job yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

Save Money With DIY:

If you want to save as much money as possible when replacing your garage door panels, then you could choose to take the DIY route. Replacing garage door panels is often something that anybody with some DIY skill and experience should be able to do easily. To replace the garage door panels yourself, you will first need to secure the door by detaching the automatic door opener if you have one and taking the door off the springs to avoid it springing open while you are working. Then, remove the panels from the door before replacing them with new ones. Reattach the springs and opener and test the door to make sure that it opens and closes as it should.

Since older door panels are likely to have faded over time due to exposure to the elements, you may find that you need to repaint your garage door after installing new panels to achieve a uniform and even look.

Hiring a Professional:

Whether you don’t have the confidence to take the DIY route, don’t have much time to do it, or simply want to make sure that you get the best results, hiring a professional is the best option for replacing garage door panels. However, bear in mind that this will cost you more since you will not only have to cover the cost of the garage door panels, but you will need to pay labor costs too.

The cost of hiring a professional to replace garage door panels will vary depending on who you hire and the amount of work that you want them to do, so it’s a good idea to shop around and get several quotes before you decide on the best service at the best price.

For a newer garage door, you can expect to pay between $250-$800 to replace panels depending on the style of the door and the complexity of the job. However, bear in mind that you may pay more if you have an older garage door, as it may be harder to source the right panels.

Where to Purchase Panels:

If you need to replace panels on your garage door, one of the first questions that you might have is where to purchase panels. Most of the time, panels for new garage doors can be purchased from any reputable garage door supplier or repair company. However, if you have an older garage door that is no longer installed today, you may need to dig a little deeper to find the right panels. In this case, you may be able to get panels directly from the manufacturer, although there is no guarantee that they will be available. You may also want to try looking on sites like eBay for specialist sellers who stock older garage door parts.

When to Replace Your Entire Garage Door:

If you have an older garage door and the panels are looking a little bit worse for wear, it might be a more cost-effective option to consider having a brand new garage door installed instead. Along with being easier and sometimes even cheaper compared to trying to source the right panels for an older door that are no longer stocked by retailers, there are many benefits to having a new garage door installed.

A new garage door will often be much safer compared to an older door since safer torsion springs are the standard for all new garage doors today, compared to an older door that may be installed with extension springs. These are riskier when it comes to the damage that they can cause when broken. In addition, getting a new garage door installed allows you to get all those extras that you might not have been able to achieve with your older garage door including sensors and automatic openers.

Finally, maintaining your new garage door is likely going to save you more money over time since finding new replacement parts is going to be much easier and cheaper.

Over time, garage door panels can become damaged and worn, bringing down the appearance of your garage and the entire house. The cost of replacing panels will vary based on how you want the job done, the age and type of your door, and the number of panels that you need.