Garage Door Repairs

The garage is the best place for storing one’s most precious possessions. It signifies diverse things to different people in different countries. For some, it’s a secure haven for the best road-going mechanical engineering, while for others, it’s a long-term storage facility for spare parts.

The worst part is when you want to take your beauty for a drive in the sweltering heat but what if the door to your garage is jammed shut? That’s all for the weekend.

It is Kostex Garage Doors goal to make your garage door repair or replacement as easy and stress-free as possible by providing you with all of the information or service you need, so let’s dive into it!


Here’s a Quick Guide to Garage Doors

All garage doors are basically the same in their fundamental function. The emergency release switch delivers a signal to engage a spring to open a segment of your garage door on its track, which may vary depending on the kind of garage door you have.

Electric Garage Doors

Electric garage doors have seen a boom in popularity in the last few years. The majority of the garage door mechanism stays the same, regardless of whether the door is manually or electrically operated.

The objective of an electronic garage door is to mimic the steps and force necessary to unlock and open the garage door, or the other way around. Because of the torsional force that is generated by the coil spring, this is possible.

The most common kind of motor used in a garage door opener is a DC motor. An additional feature of the garage door opener is a sensor for determining the position of the door.

Manual Garage Doors

The other is manual doors and by its name it tells you that it operates by your hands! 

Rather, it uses a system of torsion springs (a helical spring that acts like a giant clock spring). Cables are included with these springs, which are installed on the door.

These wires raise and lower the door once it has been opened and the springs have been released. It’s in the optimum possible position because of the spring tension. When the door shuts again, it will rest against these wires in their previous position.

What Are The Most Common Issues With Garage Doors?

When properly cared for, garage doors may endure a very long time. Nevertheless, as they age, they have problems with dependability. We’ve outlined some of the most common garage door issues which lead to repairs.

The Springs That Hold The Door In Place

It’s possible that you’ll need to repair a broken spring or jammed garage door opener. If the springs are in good operating order, but your garage door still won’t open, you most likely have an alignment issue.

Faulty Switches

There’s nothing more frustrating than a broken switch. However, if you know what needs to be done and where to find it, fixing it is a piece of cake.

The Lock On A Garage Door

A lock or hinge that won’t work might be a nuisance. Changing the lock is always an option if desired.


Despite the fact that it’s not an issue with your garage door, it’s nevertheless important to remark. Your garage door’s whole structure is at risk because of this kind of damage.

Remote Problems

There is a good probability that if your garage door remote does not function, it requires a new battery or is dead. Make sure it’s charged and pointed in the appropriate direction before using it. You may also test whether changing the batteries solves the issue.


Why Should You Have Your Garage Door Repaired?

Safety is the simplest response. Using a garage door incorrectly might result in significant harm.

If your door is damaged, you run the risk of causing a major accident. The garage’s contents might also be damaged, as well as your own safety. So make sure everything is operating correctly before there are any mishaps.

Getting Your Garage Door Repaired

In order to fix a garage door, follow the steps listed below:

Determine What’s Causing The Issue.

A faulty or malfunctioning remote might be the cause of your garage door’s inability to open or close.

Find out what’s wrong with the garage door and fix or replace it as soon as possible if it is opening. Don’t forget to check the door labels to make sure you obtain the correct replacement parts!

Changing a Garage Door’s Hardware

Replacement of a garage door is comparable to a major repair in that the old door must be dismantled and replaced. If the door is a like-for-like replacement, the mechanism may not need to be removed at all.

Keep a watch out for the language used in warranties for garage doors, since in this scenario, a repair rather than a replacement might be argued.

Invest in a New Garage Door.

Sometimes it’s more convenient to replace the whole door. In other cases, even if the door can be repaired and the repair is possible, it may not be financially viable to do so because of the door’s age and the greater upkeep it requires.


Contact A Professional Garage Door Company To Repair Your Garage Door

A new garage door may be a great way to spruce up the exterior of your home or increase its value. 

However, it’s always a good idea to verify your original door’s warranty first. Check to see whether the warranty is still in effect before purchasing a new one!

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