Garage Door Installations

You’ll learn what the instructions don’t tell you from this blog!

The weight of an ancient double garage door might range from 250 to 450 pounds. Older garage doors are a common site of house accidents due to their added weight and corroded hardware. Despite this, many of us choose to enter and depart our houses through the garage door rather than the traditional front door.

We’ll explain the difference between a safe door and an unsafe one in this blog. Additionally, we’ll provide useful hints you won’t find in the manufacturer’s instructions for installing a new garage door with a torsion spring and tensioning. You may save hundreds of dollars by doing the installation of a new double garage door by reasonable professionals, and it should only take eight to twelve hours if you’re pretty adept. Putting up a new garage door may be done mostly by yourself, but you’ll need assistance tearing down the old one.


There are two main types of garage door springs: torsion and extension. Torsion springs are attached to the header above the door, while extension springs are attached to the top roller track. To install extension springs in the past, the springs were more secure, but they lacked a central wire for containment. When these springs fail, they turn into lethal, hefty whips. Torsion springs are quieter, therefore we only suggest them if you lack the 12 inches of headroom above the door that a torsion spring needs.

Compared to extension springs, the benefits of torsion springs include: Aside from being safer and quieter, they’re also easy to adjust. Because there is no spring banging against a roller track, torsion springs are quieter. When a spring breaks, it’s more likely to remain on the bar, making them safer. A torsion spring’s tension may be precisely adjusted to provide a properly balanced door. Torsion and extension spring systems with simple, do-it-yourself tensioning are now available, making it safer to use torsion springs. Hire an expert if you don’t have access to a torsion spring’s tensioning system such as Kostex Garage Doors Professionals

Investing In A Steel Front Door

Standard double garage doors are 7 feet high and 16 feet wide. An 8- or 9-foot-wide opening is typical for single doors. Few home centers and a few garage door businesses maintain many doors in stock, so anticipate ordering one instead of purchasing one off the shelf. Wood, fiberglass, and steel are all common materials for garage doors. There are several advantages to steel doors like ours: they’re lightweight; they don’t need to be maintained; they’re inexpensive; and they’re easily accessible.

If you want a steel door, you may pick from one of three basic options: (1) steel door with no insulation; (2) steel door with some insulation; or (3) steel door with insulation on both sides. Thicker insulation and windows, particularly insulated windows, are additional elements that raise the price. The DIY tensioning systems add a little amount to the door’s overall cost. Make sure you’re clear on what you’re looking for.

If you’re replacing a garage door, be sure to do the same with the hardware. Replace your automatic opener if it doesn’t include a photoelectric reversing system. A support strut (which is normally included in the door kit) and an opener bracket are also needed for doors with openers (not included). Garage door springs that are placed above the entrance should be released by a professional for $50 or more.

Make sure to remove the old weather stripping and replace it with a rubber weather stripping gasket after installing your new door (available at home centers). With the door closed and the gasket resting on the door at a 45-degree angle, install the stop material.

Equipment You’ll Need To Complete The Garage Door Installation

You’ll save time and irritation if you have all of the required garage door tools ready to go before you begin. These things are, 

  • Screwdriver, wrench, cordless drill, level, locking pliers, rags, eye protection, sawhorses, socket/ratchet set, and a stepladder all in one.
  • Prepare all the items you’ll need in advance for this garage door installation project to avoid last-minute shopping expeditions. Here’s a rundown of some of them.
  • Easy tensioning system, garage door kit, garage door lubrication, garage door stop with rubber gasket, masking tape, operator bracket, and shims are all included.

Doing It Yourself Is Good But Why Should You Hire A Professional?

Repair and replacement of garage doors is often a do-it-yourself project that takes some basic knowledge or either you hire a professional! 

Do your homework before getting a garage door repair or replacement done by someone else if you aren’t handy or don’t have the time for it. I would suggest you should hire a professional. 

There is no doubt that the benefits of working with a professional garage door repair company outweigh the disadvantages in this case. Whether you’re doing it at home or for a company, outsourcing a certain expertise is exactly the same. Getting help from a professional has a number of benefits, some of which are,


When it comes to garage doors, safety is of the utmost importance. Having a professional install your door will ensure that it complies with all applicable safety regulations.


You may avoid a lot of difficulties if you have someone in the home who monitors your garage security. This is critical for anybody, but it’s especially critical for the elderly or those who may not be completely aware of their immediate surroundings. Hire experts that are able to provide same-day assistance.


To ensure your house is safe throughout the repair process, always inquire about how the contractor will secure your property. Some have a roof and doors to protect them from any possible harm while they are working.


Paying beforehand is standard practice when engaging a professional. A professional might save you money in the long run since repairs are less costly when they are done by an expert.


Hiring a professional means you can be certain they’ll utilize the finest tools and supplies for the task. You can rely on them to utilize high-quality equipment and to repair any essential components.


It’s impossible to discount the expertise of an industry veteran with a proven track record of success. They’ll always be preferable than on-the-job training.


It’s a pain to fix a garage door. A professional may save you a lot of time and worry if you’ve got a lot on your plate.

Well there are several other benefits but these are some most common ones! Now you must be wondering, which professional is best for you? We have got that covered as well! 

Kostex Garage Door Professionals

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