Dangers of Fixing Garage Doors?

Garage doors may seem to have simple mechanisms at first glance, and you may think they are something that you could easily repair yourself. However, they are much more complex and dangerous than you might think. They are very heavy for one thing, and are made of many moving parts. One mistake and you could end up with the weight of an entire garage door on you. This is why garage door injuries tend to be severe and can often be debilitating. Let’s take a look at some of the dangers of fixing your garage door on your own and the reasons why you should go with professionals instead.

High Risk of Personal Injury

The first danger of DIY garage door repairs is the high risk of personal injury. It’s hard to imagine that a garage door can be so heavy considering how easy it is to close or open. However, garage doors, especially those with double doors, can weigh as much as 200 pounds. One sliding down or falling off could end up in a serious injury.

Torsion springs are what keep the door in balance, and if one of them loses tension or snaps, the door will either become very difficult to open or slide down. It could then fall on one of your limbs and cause a fracture, or it could land on your head, leading to a concussion or something worse.

The garage door is probably the single biggest moving object on your property, and the weight combined with the velocity at which it could come down could lead to disastrous consequences. Working on torsion springs without the proper replacement parts, tools, training, and technique increase the chances of the door closing unexpectedly.

Electrical Components

No one should work on electrical components without proper training. Playing with electric door openers and electric wiring when you don’t know how to handle them is very dangerous. Working on these can also lead to sparks and fires, so think twice.

Causing Additional Damage

There’s also a chance that you’ll make the situation even worse by trying to fix the door yourself. If you’re fortunate enough to not have the door fall on you, it will still suffer some significant damage when closing down. If you manage to repair the torsion springs without going to the ER, chances are you won’t do as good of a job as a professional and you’ll put additional pressure on your door opener. This could lead it to malfunction or reduce its lifespan.

This means that any savings you were trying to make would be right out the door, no pun intended. And, when you look into it, there isn’t much to save in the first place. You will have to pay out of your pocket for tools you’re probably only going to use once. Instead of putting your door and your body in danger to save a few bucks, it’s better to work with a professional.

Why Going with Professionals is the Best Option

First of all, garage door professionals do not charge much for labor. You can expect the average professional to charge as low as $50 per hour on labor and the average cost of repairs will be between $85 and $290. That’s pretty reasonable when you compare it with repairing other parts of the house like the roof, for instance.

A professional will have all the tools needed to do the job correctly. Chances are you would have to cut corners if you attempted to do the job either because you couldn’t find the tools or didn’t want to pay too much for the repair.

Another benefit of going with a professional is that they will get things right the first time. There is a very strong chance that you’ll do a terrible job and that you won’t be able to finish the job yourself. And, since you’ll have done some tinkering with the door, the final job could end up costing more than it would’ve originally.

Professionals have extensive training to make sure that the door is installed properly and safely. Good professionals back their work and will be ready to fix any issues if they’re related to the installation.

You should also know that performing a DIY garage repair job could end up invalidating your home insurance. There’s rarely a reason why you should be performing this kind of job yourself, so do yourself a favor and let the people who have done this kind of job for years handle it.

We hope we were able to change your mind about repairing your garage door yourself. It might look like a simple way to save a few bucks, but it can go bad very quickly, so look for a reputable repair service in your area if you want to get a great job without the risk of ending up in a hospital bed.