Commercial Garage Door Installation

A commercial garage door is an excellent way to keep your property and structure safe while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing exterior appearance. In addition to vandalism and flying baseballs, a properly designed commercial garage door will protect your business from other threats. Aside from that, there’s the threat of fire and inclement weather to contend with.

Types of Garage Doors for Commercial Use

You may find garage doors for commercial use in various designs, sizes, materials, and functions. The following are the most frequent categories and their most typical use in businesses.

Awnings & Dock Equipment

A common design utilizes rails or tracks suspended above the ground to elevate it. A single component swings outward or inward until the whole door is horizontally aligned with the ceiling. There must be no obstructions in its path because of the amount of space required to open and close the door. Parking close to the garage puts cars in danger of being struck and damaged.

The ‘roll-up’ Doors

Metal or aluminum slats are arranged in a grid to allow the curtain to roll up and down. In most cases, the slats are 2 to 4 inches wide and are joined together by hinges. The roll-up door rolls up like a coil to maximize floor area at the ceiling. A small warehouse, office, or retail business may benefit from this kind of security.

Fire-Rated Doors 

Thanks to the fire-resistant materials used in these garage doors, you can safeguard your valuables from fire and smoke damage for a long time. Fire-fighters will have plenty of time to remove the blaze before it does too much damage. In the event of a fire or smoke, a specific sensor activates the garage door’s automatic closing mechanism.

Fast-Closing Doors

A facility like a food processing factory or a hospital might benefit from the high-speed fans because of the need to maintain a certain temperature. Even if there is a lot of traffic in and out of the room, the quick-moving panels inhibit airflow, conserve energy, and keep the area cool.

Sectional Steel Doors

Sectional doors, unlike swinging doors, have panels that bend up or down, maximizing the amount of room in the garage. For warehouses, a vertically aligned garage allows for maximum use of the garage’s height and breadth, making it ideal.

Sectional Aluminum Doors

Style and visibility go hand in hand with this sectional garage door variation. The “viewing windows” made possible by interlocking aluminum parts with glass or plastic are perfect for showrooms like auto dealerships and hardware shops. This kind of illumination is also utilized in garages that need additional lighting and public service buildings such as police stations or hospitals.

Shutters on the doors for security

Roll-up doors, like these, are constructed from a series of horizontal metal or aluminum slats, each approximately six inches thick. This interlocking, curtain-like sheet may be rolled up or down vertically thanks to hinges.

Installing a Commercial Garage Door

The cost of installing a commercial garage door may be affected by various variables. We’ve put up a short guide to help you understand how the cost of your commercial garage door is affected and what elements you need to take into account.

  • Depending on the design and materials utilized, a 12-foot-by-foot commercial garage door may cost from $750 to $2,000.
  • From $750-$1 500, you may purchase a basic commercial garage door in several styles and colors. You need to spend between $1300 and $2,000 to install a business overhead garage door.
  • Aluminum or steel are the most common materials used to construct commercial garage doors, with aluminum being the more expensive alternative. Making the door fire-rated, or adding viewing panes, will also increase the price.
  • Starting at $200 for a modest garage door, there is an option to add extra insulation layers if required.
  • You may use a manual hoist or an electric opener. The price of an electric opener ranges from $350 to $650.

However, these all are the assumed prices, and they may differ from company to company. Choose s we have the most affordable price list!

Installation of Your Commercial Garage Door

When it comes to installing a commercial garage door, it’s important to get it right the first time. We’ve provided a simple list of procedures and instructions to help you quickly prepare the opening for your business garage door installation. Be sure to read it thoroughly.

  • First, let’s discuss how to ensure that your garage door is a perfect match for the space you’ve designated for it and that that space is strong enough to support the door for the duration of its useful lifespan. In addition to the materials required for constructing the jambs and headers, there are important considerations to keep in mind, such as the possibility of freezing temperatures.
  • We’ll go over the different space requirements to ensure that the garage door can open completely and without getting stuck when installed. The first factor to consider is the amount of space required above the doorway, referred to as the “headroom” requirement. What is known as the “backroom” requirement is the distance between the garage’s entrance and the rear of the building. The final criterion is the amount of side room available. Important to remember is that the amount of space you require will vary depending on the size of your track and other factors to be considered.
  • Finally, we’ll go over the components you’ll need to have before beginning the installation to be well prepared when the time comes. Before beginning the installation, double-check that the components on this list correspond to those you already have. As a result, if something needs to be changed, you won’t have to stop working. Ready?

However, I recommend hiring professionals to complete this task for you rather than attempting it yourself because professionals know “how to do it properly,” have all the necessary tools and know-how to do it the best. Please make certain that saving money by doing it yourself will not spend even more money!

Why Our Technicians Are the Best Choice for Your Commercial Garage Door Installation

Commercial garage doors are essential to ensure the protection of your company and all of its belongings. Having a trustworthy business partner is essential for getting the greatest service and top commercial garage door quality.

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