30 Most Extraordinary Garage Door Designs

Get inspiration from these selections of 30 most extraordinary garage door designs and choose a door that matches your home architectural style.

Buying a garage door is an incredible opportunity to improve your home’s exterior curb appeal, whether you’re a new homeowner or want to update the look of your current home. Many house owners update their garage door only once in their lifetime; hence, finding the ideal blend of function, design, and the price is vital.

Your garage door has a great deal of potential to become the most recognizable aspect of your home’s front end. Since it makes up a huge aspect of your home’s exterior design, it tends to make or mar your home’s curb appeal. As a result, if you are considering replacing your garage door, you will want to choose wisely.

Your Home’s Facade can Make Unforgettable First Impression.

If your residence has a front-facing garage, people will first notice the large expanse of your garage door as they drive by or pull into the driveway.

Garage doors account for up to 30% of a home's exterior; hence, they significantly impact the overall curb appeal of a property. As a result, it's critical to choose a garage door design that complements your facade without being the main focus.

If you plan to upgrade or remodel your garage door, there are many options for improving its appearance, including changing it, painting it, or redesigning the garage itself.

In case you're already feeling a bit overwhelmed, don't worry: we've compiled a summary of the many garage door designs to educate you on a couple of things about each of them so you can make the best decision for your house. Ultimately, the best garage doors are a question of taste. However, the trick is to use high-quality materials and have them installed by an expert.

Tips and suggestions to keep in mind when choosing a garage door

When choosing a garage door, there are a number of considerations to make, some of which are utilitarian and others are just esthetic. All of this information can help you in choosing the best door for your garage. These include the following:

  • Style: Check around your neighborhood and observe all the white garage doors featuring half-circle windows. You’ll notice that these seem to be the norm. So, if this is the perfect door for your spending plan, you can consider painting it the exact color as your home’s façade. Alternatively, look for other options like corrugated metal, wood, and so on.
  • Decide on a color: The days of having only a few standard colors are over. You can now have any of the RAL colors applied to your new garage door. Besides, if you want to complement the color of your garage door to that of your home’s exterior, you can even use the same film.
  • Measure to match: Some garage doors styles will not fit into the cavity created for the garage door generally. In these cases, the home or building will need to be renovated, which will significantly increase the installation cost of a non-standard garage door. However, if you plan ahead of time, it can help you avoid making this expensive mistake just right before installation. You should at the very least compare the hardware and the door size to the cavity available in the home or building where you plan to install the garage door.
  • Scale: in terms of size or architectural elements, the garage should not overwhelm or outshine the house.
  • Materials: The garage door material should be chosen per the climate in which you live. However, if you are unsure of how to narrow your options, then seek professional assistance. It’s a good idea to choose materials that will help protect your home from the many environmental elements.
  • Give heed to the included hardware: Top-loaded garage doors include heavy-duty springs that serve as a counterweight to the door’s weight. This feature makes it easier to raise the garage door when closing or opening it. As a result, ensure there are two counterweight springs attached to the hardware.
  • Opt for advanced safety features: Garage doors with a built-in sensing/tracking technology can help prevent devastating accidents. It makes little difference whether you want protection from the elements, robbers, or an unintentional breakdown of any of the garage’s risky features. Advanced security measures protect you against all types of weather problems in your area.

What is the best garage door style for me?

Like every other feature, you should choose the style of your garage door as per your specific preference and home decor. However, some architectural styles seem to go well with a particular garage door style. For example, Victorian architecture with carriage-house doors, modern architecture with full-view doors.

Nevertheless, the ultimate choice relies on what you prefer and fits perfectly with your home’s exterior design.

Types of Garage Doors Designs

1) Stamped carriage house Garage Door


While this new garage door is stylish, it is also functional! The door has up to three layers of insulation for silent operation, energy efficiency, improved door strength, as well as sound control. The garage door complements stamped carriage house design and comes with beautiful hardware (handles and hinges).

2) East Jefferson Residence


Designed by KUBE Architecture, this one-of-a-kind residence has a unique graduated privacy fence that gives the home a sense of privacy. The frosted glass garage door complements the whole design of the exterior.

3) Glass Paneling Garage Door


This midcentury-inspired residence, located in California, has an angular roof that covers the attached garage. The garage door is reduced by its brown color and simple detailing that complements the wood cladding bordering it.

4) Contemporary Glass Garage Door


This home was remodeled with Clopay Avante aluminum and glass doors after several years of fronting builders attached garage doors.

Clopay Avante garage doors are made of aluminum and glass panels, giving your home or business a sleek and modern look. The sturdy metal frame comes in a variety of colors, like black, clear, and bronze anodized, to match your home decor.

In addition, you can choose from a variety of glass selections to let in as much or as little natural light and manage the degree of privacy.

5) A Modern Home in 915 Bellevue


This is another modern residence with frosted glass and aluminum doors on the two-car garage attached. The garage’s top level is used with a balcony in metal railings that connects to the home’s interior.

6) Mid-century modern ranch


This 1960s mid-century modern ranch, located outside of Las Vegas in a community known for mid-mod homes, was given a new lease on life, thanks to a bright Modern Steel garage door.

The homeowner decided to honor and appreciate the historical period with notable architectural aspects and colors.

The garage door, a significant feature of the house, is painted with Sherwin Williams “Amber Wave” to complement the front door. The lengthy, narrow windows attached to the garage door are completed with Brazilian Walnut horizontal paneling and a corrugated metal “transom.” All of these add organic texture that makes the garage an esthetically appealing focal point.

7) Custom Craftsman style garage doors


These three single-vehicle garage doors are handmade in solid African mahogany and are an excellent example of true Craftsman design garage doors. Each garage door features a vast arched window at the top and is fashioned in the carriage style.

If you take a close look at the window arrangement, you’ll discover that a mullion separates each glass piece, and the window’s centerpiece is a diamond-shaped piece with transparent glass. These conventional custom-made garage doors stand out from the crowd thanks to their meticulous attention to detail.

8) Louvered Garage Doors


You’d never guess that these one-of-a-kind louvered garage doors open in parts at the touch of a button. These coastal design garage doors have a driftwood finish and are made of rough, select tight knot cedar.

In addition, they have elegant molding around the outside of each panel, which adds architectural interest and dimension to the overall design. Even while the louver blades are open, the garage door panels are shielded and closed to the environmental element.

9) Custom Wood Craftsman Style Garage Door


Nothing compares to the richness and charm of a black craftsman garage door. This custom-made double-car garage door was meticulously crafted with genuinely separated window combinations typical of the olden traditional craftsman or arts and crafts designs.

The design of each vertical panel has a window cluster with a six-to-three ratio of small glass panels to bigger glass panes.

10) Aluminium slatted garage doors


You can consider aluminum slatted garage doors a great choice if you want your garage to have a more open style. This custom-designed garage door offers a robust, lasting metal barrier against intruders. In addition, it is pretty suitable for garages that lack ventilation or natural light, thanks to the spaces between the aluminum slats.

11) Sweeney Residence


The uncommon combination of stone and ipe exterior wood creates an attractive and gorgeous beach-style home. The three-car garage, located at the bottom of the house, appears to be organically integrated into the architecture.

12) Del Mar Residence


YAllard Jansen Architect crafted this unique color scheme and the exterior design for this property. The garage lies in front of the building, with lighter bricks on the exterior than the house’s color. The glass door of the garage makes it look even more striking to the eyes.

13) Farmhouse style garage door


This custom Farmhouse style garage door is finished in a dark gray color with a unique design that complements the home’s exterior. Each panel comprises a 1/3 to 2/3 style and is separated into vertical panels that mimic carriage doors. If you look closely, you will notice that each of the panels has a six-paned glass window in the upper third that is split with mullions.

Besides, unique cross-buck trim designs were utilized to finish the bottom two-thirds of the panels, giving this custom garage door the appearance of true farmhouse carriage doors. The dark gray finish gave contrast and richness to the neutral white façade of this house.

You can personalize this door by choosing your color and exchanging the transparent glass with a different design style. Furthermore, if you install ornate iron hardware, it can dramatically transform the look of this door to better match the architectural style of your home.

14) A Stylish Home With Sliding Garage Doors


This off-grid house, located in rural Texas, has sliding barn doors that link the garage to a covered outdoor sculptural studio, which also serves as a stage for summer concerts. The doors offer a stunning reveal, and their hardware differs from the surrounding area and the vertical cypress paneling of the doors.

15) A Renovated Prefab with Cedar Cladding Garage


A prefabricated home in Norway’s Snarya peninsula needed an update, including an extension and a cleaner to create a more modern esthetic. As a result, the residence and its surrounding fencing were wrapped in cedar cladding. In addition, a striking checkerboard of shorter cedar planks, which also connects to the rest of the home, was used for paneling the new garage door.

16) Clean, Classic Carriage House Style


If you take a close look at this stunning garage, you will observe that it features crisp and cedar shake shingles, window frames with white accent colors, as well as gable roof braces. You will also discover how the surrounding trees on both sides of the garage complement the natural themes, offering the garage a barn-like ambiance.

The garage door’s smooth, white lines contrast with the tones of the paver driveway and the stained shingles, thereby producing a sense of continuity between the rooflines, doors, and windows.

In addition, the simple black decorative hardware adds a clean, stylish elegance and visual contrast to the home’s facade. As can be seen, the windows generate two-way warmth by letting natural light inside the garage while also providing a welcoming glow as you approach the garage.

The house owner chose a Clopay Coachman low-maintenance steel and composite door to have the best possible outcome from a practical sense. These garage doors offer a carriage-house appearance with energy-efficient Intellicore insulation sandwiched between layers of sturdy steel and an exterior woodgrain-textured composite layer.

17) Rustic Natural Wood Farmhouse Style


Natural wood is an attractive material for farmhouse style because of its sustainable, warm, timeless, and personalized designs. As you can see, this detached three-story barn-style garage featured a guest apartment on the top and was built completely out of recycled wind fences from ancient farmhouses. The color variations in the wood give the impression that it was gathered over time.

This design depends on a range of natural tones that work together to produce a rustic impression rather than a specific color palette. The recycled wood will continuously weather over time, resulting in more differences in look, whereas the steel roof will subtly age.

The garage door has a more uniform finish that is clean and distinguished, thanks to its subtle gray color. By opting for a painted finish, the house owner retains the option of repainting the door as the surrounding reclaimed wood’s color changes. Besides color, the homeowner chooses handcrafted Reserve Wood garage doors with crossbuck panels and square windows to enhance their rustic esthetic appeal.

In addition, an extra layer of insulation within the door raises the R-value of the door, helping to increase the comfort and energy efficiency of the living spaces atop it. Ultimately, this door offers modern comforts and efficiency while maintaining a rustic appearance.

18) Midcentury Makeover


This mid-century modern home in Laguna Niguel, California, built by George Bissell in the early 1960s, was remodeled by Moss Yaw Design Studio. Although the company renovated the home with a 21st-century update and new materials, it still retains a similar esthetic. Modern frosted-glass garage door, concrete, and horizontal wood slats were among the home features that were changed/improved.

19) Custom Coastal Cottage Garage Door


This customizable coastal-style garage door is carefully designed with fine lines and a Shaker architectural style. The delicate lines and simple windowpane architecture at the top offer this garage door a design and style that will stand the test of time.

The acid-etched frosted glass incorporated on the window panes provides privacy from the outside while also enabling a plethora of light to shine through the garage.

20) Overlook Show Home


This eco-building contemporary home is simple yet attractive. The two-car garage on the home side matches the overall design, with lamps on each side of the garage doors for lighting.

21) Modern Twist


This modern San Francisco area residence garage is gradient away from the front door and entered through a concrete slab driveway, though it is still plainly visible from the front. The garage door is designed by Treeium (a home improvement firm in Southern California) and is a common style for contemporary homes.

If you take a close look at the feature, you will notice that the frames are clear to black aluminum while the panels can be made of anodized aluminum, solid wood, etc.

22) Drystack Ledgestone Virtuosity home


This hillside mansion is not only stunning but also stylish. The attached two-door garage at the bottom of the house has very tall doors, a roof atop it, and a stone siding, with illumination under it.

23) Raised Panel Garage Doors


Raised panel garage doors are popular in the United States, alongside traditional garage doors. These garage door designs are easily recognized by the horizontal panel incorporated with edging along the outside to give an added layer of texture and design. Irrespective of your home style, raised panel garage doors are a safe option, and you can custom design them with several colors and materials.

24) A Minneapolis Urban Retreat


This stunning modern home in a South Minneapolis neighborhood with century-old housing stock features a concrete garage with an attached darker gray garage door. The doors provide a colorful and textural contrast to the concrete shell, adding extra curb appeal to the house.

25) Reclaimed Wood House


This contemporary house with the associated garage is located in Gatineau Hills, Minnesota. It offers a seamless facade with a reclaimed wood exterior. The shingle-style house, designed and constructed by Christopher Simmonds, has cement-fiber panels beneath the wood, with the cement offering resistance to the elements and insects.

26) Stinson Beach House


Due to the unique red beams designed on the exterior, this house has an attractive style and elegance when you behold it. In spite of that, the two-car garage at the home’s base is modest yet attractive.

27) Magnolia Gardens


This house radiates beauty and elegance while also being contemporary in style. This residence attached garage is on the bottom, with a frosted garage door as well as a balcony on top that connects to the interior of the house.

28) Hollywood Garage


This home, located in the Hollywood Hills, was remodeled and transformed by Tim Barber Ltd Architecture into a Colonial Revival style with Cloplay Coachman garage doors that blend in well with the rest of the home’s decor. The surfaces are kept white with a rich green-painted door, trim, and shutters to connect everything.

29) Canyon Ridge Carriage House


Even though this house is very new, the homeowner wanted the garage to have an old-fashioned vibe while fitting in with the house. They began by choosing a light-colored stone veneer that mimics the look of historic stone farmhouses. The garage door became a key part of designing a vintage-look esthetic appeal, thanks to the modern look of the roof shingles.

As a result, the house owner chose the Canyon Ridge Carriage House garage door for the home. It features cladding and composite overlays formed from real wood boards to imitate the grain pattern and natural texture of the selected wood species. This creates the pleasant curb appeal of natural wood with a long-lasting construction that won’t crack, warp, or rot.

The homeowner chose Clear Cypress cladding and overlays to construct a rustic, handcrafted feel since it has a slightly rough grain motif. In order to complement the home’s window cladding, including dark roof, overhead lights, and windows, these doors were then specifically painted charcoal gray, creating a visual difference while also establishing a sense of continuity all through the home and garage.

Furthermore, the installation of windows, which help to provide visual appeal to the side of the house, along with simple black decorative hardware, add to the home’s old-fashioned esthetic appeal.

30) Palo Alto House


This elegant contemporary-inspired home has a perfectly placed garage on the side of the house. By looking closely, you will notice a balcony railing above the garage and the frosted glass garage door, which add to the curb appeal.


As you can see, the garages are attractive, eco-friendly, and well-placed to complement the overall architecture. Garages are a desire and a need, and it would be wonderful if they complimented the overall style of your home. If you want a more conventional home, traditionally attached garages are the option to consider, and if contemporary homes are what you prefer, contemporary garage doors are your best bet.

The next steps

After narrowing down the garage door styles that perfectly fit your home, the next step is to consider insulation. Although installing insulation to your garage door is typically thought to be a good investment for your home; however, there are times when it isn’t just necessary.